Vitamin C
        6-Aminopenicillanic acid
        Cefaclor series
        Semisynthetic penicillin series
  About Us

Henan Lvyuan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is the modernization high and new technology pharmaceutical stock enterprise invested and founded by Liuzhuang village and several domestic companies. The company covers an area of 266,800 square meters and 110,000 square meters for plan floor space, and owns more than 1 billion yuan. We mainly produce penicillin, vitamin and 30 more varieties. At present, the first period project has been finished; the second period will be planed to be put into production in 2011.

We will seriously implement scientific development view, and will make recycling economic philosophy penetrate into every production step and will offer better series product for health from human being by advanced production technology, top production equipment, high effecitive employee team, strict modernization testing method and complete quality guarantee system.

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